Technical Assistance for Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey

(EC:Turkey, 2017 - 2019, Client: Ministry of Transport, Maritime and Communications (MoTMC), Budget: 1,775,000 EUR)

Title: Technical Assistance for Accessibility of Passenger Transport Services in Turkey

Budget:1,775,000 EUR


Dates: August, 2017 - August, 2019



The situation of Turkey''s passenger transport systems, including the infrastructure, does not make it easy for people with disabilities, or other people with mobility restraints, to participate in society. This project undertakes the need for major improvements in order to ensure better accessibility of the mobility services and their infrastructure. The objective of this project is to improve the mobility of elderly people and of people with disabilities and other people with mobility restraints in the passenger transport services, including the pedestrian environment. This is achieved through the following results: 1.The platform for accessibility of transport services is established and functioning along with enhanced technical and institutional capacity on accessibility of transport services within the Ministry of Transport. 2.The comprehensive accessibility of transport strategy and corresponding detailed action plans are in place and a pipeline of pilot projects have been adopted by the Platform. 3.A team of national trainers will have obtained, through training sessions, all knowledge necessary to train the staff of institutions and private and public companies involved in the mobility of Turkey''s citizens with regard to the accessibility of the transport system. 4.Communication of accessibility strategy and action plan to all major stakeholders along with trainings and visibility evens to improve awareness about the accessibility of transport services.

Training of staff of Moti and providing secretarial support for workgroup and board meetings for the operationalisation of the Accessibility PlatformDevelopment of a comprehensive Accessible Transport Strategy and Action Plans based on a thorough Baseline Assessment and gap analysis for each transportation mode (aviation, railway, maritime, urban transport, integrated transport)Development of a pipeline of pilot projects for improved accessibility in the transport sectorOrganising study tours to the UK and Spain for MOTI staff and other key stakeholdersDesigning and delivering a Training of Trainers Programme for 160 participants from ministries, NGOs and other support organisations Design and delivery of a Communication and awareness-raising Campaign on accessible transport.

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