Preparation of Master Plan and Phase 1 Detailed Design for Alat Free Economic Zone

(Azerbaijan, 2019 - 2020, Client: Government of Azerbaijan, Budget: 2,600,000 EUR )

Title: Preparation of Master Plan and Phase 1 Detailed Design for Alat Free Economic Zone

Budget: 2,600,000 EUR

Country: Azerbaijan

Dates: July, 2019 - July, 2020

Partner: Garland Ormond International Ltd

Funding: Private

The Government of Azerbaijan has constructed a new state of the art port for Baku on a greenfield site, 65 km south-west of the settlement at Alat. In addition to the port, multi-modal access is provided including rail and motorway.

The Government of Azerbaijan wants to leverage the benefits that the new port can offer, by constructing a Free Economic Zone (FEZ) on the adjoining land bank. The Alat FEZ will be a world class business location where both local and international companies will be encouraged to establish new manufacturing and value-added activities.

The FEZ will be a "pilot" free zone project for Azerbaijan and is to be constructed on government owned land at Alat. The initial site is 850 hectares in size. The establishment of the new Alat FEZ is supported in legislation under the "Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the Alat Economic Free Zone", which sets out the framework for the operation, development and governance of the zone.

  • Provide a complete masterplan vision and framework. This will include: Gateway District Masterplan, Stormwater Management, Grading and Landscaping, Transport and Access, Utility Systems and Location plan for logistics centre

  • Provide recommendations to the client on where the construction of Phase 1 of the planned development should commence

  • Provide detailed design for the first phase of the Alat FEZ including free zone authority building, "one stop shop" business centre. and developers office building

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