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Nowhere is change more dramatic than in countries making the transition from a command to a market economy. Although these new economies provide exciting opportunities, they present serious challenges to managers and investors. In order to succeed in this turbulent environment organisations need to change radically, and to do so effectively they need managers and employees whose ability to learn and collaborate can drive this change.


Effective change management needs clear goals and a means of motivating employees to meet these goals. Our consultants know what's needed to speed up the change process and involve your people in achieving your corporate goals.



At Corporate Solutions, we specialise in helping organisations in emerging economies with change management. Since the early 1990s we have worked successfully with many enterprises and have helped investors and institutions manage the risks involved in moving into these markets.

Helping our clients manage change...

For over 20 years we have been successfully working together with our clients, managing change in emerging economies and helping investors and institutions manage the risks involved in moving into these markets.


Corporate Solutions was established in the early 1990s with the sole purpose of assisting organisations in transitional economies to succeed in a competitive global market environment. As such the successful resolution of practical issues facing policy makers and managers in these economies is central to our business.

Corporate Solutions brings together highly experienced individuals from a wide range of disciplines and encourages them to look beyond the obvious constraints of their own specialisms to offer solutions that are practical and sustainable. 


Over the past two decades we have built our reputation for quality and excellence through managing the implementation of challenging projects in partnership with some of the top international consulting companies.


Beside private sector clients, we work closely with international donors and financing institutions.